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“Meditative Power” by B.K. Punekar

The spiritual paintings are considered merely as uplifting ones, like the religious paintings; but Bhiva Punekar’s paintings do fall in the lot; they are spiritual but not religious. His paintings do not narrate the mythologival stories buy elucidates the universal human experience that goes beyond narrative. Punekar is conversant not only with visual elements, but he understands the subtleties coupled with his pictorial devices that include wide range of tantric symbols. In the last decade & half , Punekar’s work has gone through refinement at many levels since his colleges.

In his recent paintings , the core pictorial form is the Lingam; It is a symbol used for the worship of the Shiva, the creator and the destroyer of universe. He has shown Lingam separately or delineated on the forehead, juxtaposed with sahashrar chakra , with the kind of colours that fuel mysticism; it is a strong metaphor for Brahma-randhra , a meeting place of kundalini shakti and shiva . The use of lingam as a symbol for worship is an ancient indian tradition that dates back to the indus valley civilization. The shiva lingam is cosidered as is an ancient Indian tradition that dates back to Indus Valley civilization . The Shiva lingam is considered as a phallic symbol that represent the regenerative aspect of material universe; Punekar is trying to explore the very basics of creative progression through the smooth cylindrical stylistic form of lingam. The striking characteristic common in all his paintings is the human face shown light up from inside. its the power of symbols , shapes and colours , Punekar employs as the tools that transmit positive energy of spiritual / meditative force. his art reflects the inner communication between the cosmos and the human ; the inner glow generated makes his figures rediate with vibrations that have power to penetrate mind and soul of the viewer , thus completing the circle of communication punekar initiates.


Name of the artist : Punekar Bhiva K.
Date of birth : 2nd June 1966
Address : 7 / 735 , Vanrai colony , Near Mahananda Dairy
Goregaon ( East ) , Mumbai – 400065
Contact : 91 22 26858768 Mob : 9869471162
Education Qualification :
1992 – Dip. A. Ed, Sir J. J. School of Arts Mumbai
1991 – G. D. Art , Kalavishwa Mahavidyalaya shantiniketan , sangli
1988 – A.T. D. , Kalavishwa Mahavidyalaya Shantiniketan , Sangli

Arts Form : Drawing and Painting

Medium of Work : Oils , Acylic , Pencil , Ink , Mixed Medium and charcoal on paper and canvas

Educational Qualification :
1997 The Art Society of India Best Painting Award for Semi-Abstract Canvas Painting.
1996 Maharashtra State Govt. Best Painting Award for Semi-Abstract Canvas Painting – Amount of Rs. 10000/-
1998 A. T. D. Kalavishwa Mahavidyalaya Shantiniketan , Sangli
1994 3rd Prize for semi-Abstract Canvas Painting at the state level drawing teachers painting competition for UNICEF.
1994 1st Prize for semi-abstract canvas painting at the mumbai level drawing teachers poster competition for UNICEF
1994 2nd Prize for Semi-Abstract Canvas Painting at sishil Shikashan anstha , State level Drawing and painting competition
1993 Prize for semi-abstract canvas painting at the art society of indi , mumbai , state level drawing and painting competition
1991 1st prize for semi-abstract canvas painting at nasik kalaniketan art exhibition and competition
1991 2nd prize at J. J. School of sketch club competition
1991 1st prize for the best entry in semi-abstract category at J.J. School of arts , annual exhibition and competition
1988 2nd Prize at hindu ekta andolan poster competition and exhibition.
1988 2nd Prize for Canvas Painting at maisal art group drawing and painting compition.
1988 Best Entry for canvas painting at mahakoshal kala parishad , Raipur ( MP ) National Level Drawing and Painting Competition
1988 2nd Prize at Priyadarshani Chitrakala Sanstha , Nanded Drawing and Painting Competiong
1987 Best Entry for canvas painting at mahakoshal kala parishad , raipur ( MP ) national Level Drawing and Painting Competion
1987 Best Painting in student category at sunit art group State level painting competition and exhibition
1986 2nd Prize for watercolor landscape at kalavishwa mahavidyalaya annual art exhibition and competition

Solo Shows :

2011 Jahangir art gallery mumbai.
2010 Gallerie Leela , Mumbai
2009 Art Walk Gallery , Hotel Oberoi , Mumbai
2009 Sejal Encasa Art Gallerie , Mumbai
2008 Habitate Art Centre , New Delhi
2002 Jehangir Art gallery , Mumbai
2001 Pradarshank Art Gallery, Mumbai
2000 Gallery Art Resource Trust , Mumbai
1999 Golden Jubilee year sharadashram , mumbai
1999 Pradarshank Art Gallery, Mumbai
1999 Art Walk oberoi hotel, mumbai
1997 Pradarshank Art Gallery, Mumbai
1992 Art Plaza , Mumbai
1989 Nagar Parisad Hall , Sangli
1988 Maratha Mandirm , Sangli

Group Shows :
2009 , 2008 , 2007 , 2000 , 2006 , 2005 : Kumarswami Hall , Museum , Mumbai , Organized by Art Land Gallery , Mumbai
2009 , 2008 , 2007 : Mystique Strokes , Pune
2008 : BMW Gallery , Chandigarh
2007 : P. L. Deshpande Art Gallery , Mumbai
2006 : Taj Mahal Hotel m Organized by art resource trust , mumbai
2005 : Art and Soul , Tajmahal Hotel , Mumbai
2004 : Colours of India , birla Academy , Mumbai Organised by Marwar
2004 : Art Resource trust , at tajmahal hotel , mumbai
1999 Nehru Center Art Gallery , mumbai
1997 Jehagir Art Gallery , Mumbai
1996 Jehagir Art Gallery , Mumbai
1993 Jehagir Art Gallery , Mumbai
1992 Art Plaza , Mumbai

Paricipations :

2000 Bombay Art Society , Mumbai
1999 Camblin Art Foundetion , mumbai
1997 Kalapushpa Group , Sangli
1997 South Center Cultural Zone , nagpur
1997 State Art Exhibition, Mumbai
1997 Nasik Kala Niketan , Nasik
1997 The Art Society of India , Mumbai
1996 The Mumbai art Society , Mumbai
1996 Annual Exhibition Organised by Oke Art Foundation , pune
1993 Heart Care Foundation , new Delhi
1992 Heart Care Foundation , new Delhi
1992 All India Kalamela , Mumbai
1992 Kalamela and Annual Exhibition , J.J. School Mumbai

Collection : Many Private Collections in India and Abroad